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Top 10 QB
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League Standings
Franchise W‑L‑T Pct GB Strk PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Div W‑L‑T
Da Sickness Da Sickness 0‑0‑0.000 0.0 - 0 0.0 00.0 0‑0‑0
Pantone 294 Pantone 294 0‑0‑0.000 0.0 - 0 0.0 00.0 0‑0‑0
Chalupa Batman Chalupa Batman 0‑0‑0.000 0.0 - 0 0.0 00.0 0‑0‑0
Ground N Pound Ground N Pound 0‑0‑0.000 0.0 - 0 0.0 00.0 0‑0‑0
Franchise W‑L‑T Pct GB Strk PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Div W‑L‑T
Space Mountain Space Mountain 0‑0‑0.000 0.0 - 0 0.0 00.0 0‑0‑0
Freud's Freaks Freud's Freaks 0‑0‑0.000 0.0 - 0 0.0 00.0 0‑0‑0
En Fuego En Fuego 0‑0‑0.000 0.0 - 0 0.0 00.0 0‑0‑0
Rubber Factory 0‑0‑0.000 0.0 - 0 0.0 00.0 0‑0‑0
Franchise W‑L‑T Pct GB Strk PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Div W‑L‑T
Clay Pigeons Clay Pigeons 0‑0‑0.000 0.0 - 0 0.0 00.0 0‑0‑0
<font color=green>Georgia Kudzu</font> Georgia Kudzu 0‑0‑0.000 0.0 - 0 0.0 00.0 0‑0‑0
Return of the Schnozzola Return of the Schnozzola 0‑0‑0.000 0.0 - 0 0.0 00.0 0‑0‑0
Air Bandits Air Bandits 0‑0‑0.000 0.0 - 0 0.0 00.0 0‑0‑0
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Wed, Jun 19 Thu, Jun 20 Fri, Jun 21 Sat, Jun 22 Sun, Jun 23 Mon, Jun 24 Tue, Jun 25
  • Division Alignment starts at 8:00 p.m.
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Rookie Player Draft starts Monday, June 17Mon Jun 17 9:59:48 a.m. ET 2019
Entry Fee Status (All Paid)Mon Jun 3 8:15:16 p.m. ET 2019
2019 Rule ProposalsSun May 26 10:34:47 a.m. ET 2019
Rule ProposalsFri May 17 6:13:29 p.m. ET 2019
ClarificationTue May 14 4:05:38 p.m. ET 2019
Dispersal Draft ThreadMon May 13 9:58:30 a.m. ET 2019
Dispersal DraftMon May 6 9:47:04 a.m. ET 2019
Please helpSun Feb 17 12:54:38 a.m. ET 2019
GroupMe AnnouncementSat Feb 16 8:32:20 p.m. ET 2019
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Franchise Owner Activity
FranchiseLast Visited This Page
Commissioner52 minutes ago
Georgia Kudzu2 hours, 24 minutes ago
Chalupa Batman3 hours, 53 minutes ago
Da Sickness5 hours, 47 minutes ago
Freud's Freaks8 hours, 11 minutes ago
Pantone 2948 hours, 28 minutes ago
Return of the Schnozzola10 hours, 15 minutes ago
Clay Pigeons16 hours ago
En Fuego18 hours, 39 minutes ago
Rubber Factory1 day, 5 hours, 57 minutes ago
Space Mountain1 day, 8 hours, 26 minutes ago
Air Bandits1 day, 8 hours, 50 minutes ago
Ground N Pound1 day, 9 hours, 41 minutes ago
Live Scoring
Week 1
Ground N Pound0.00Details
Chalupa Batman0.00
Da Sickness0.00Details
Pantone 2940.00
Rubber Factory0.00Details
En Fuego0.00
Space Mountain0.00Details
Freud's Freaks0.00
Clay Pigeons0.00Details
Air Bandits0.00
Georgia Kudzu0.00Details
Return of the Schnozzola0.00
Monday Report
Monday Report Will Be Displayed On Mondays During The Season For Head-To-Head Leagues.
Week 1 NFL Schedule
Thu Sep 5 8:20:00 p.m. ET 2019
(Box Score)
Sun Sep 8 1:00:00 p.m. ET 2019
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
Sun Sep 8 4:05:00 p.m. ET 2019
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
Sun Sep 8 4:25:00 p.m. ET 2019
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
(Box Score)
Sun Sep 8 8:20:00 p.m. ET 2019
(Box Score)
Mon Sep 9 7:10:00 p.m. ET 2019
(Box Score)
Mon Sep 9 10:20:00 p.m. ET 2019
(Box Score)
Bye Weeks
Week 1 Matchup Chart
The chart will appear within this DIV. This text will be replaced by the chart. If it does not, it most likely means that you have this Matchup Chart twice on your league home page, when it can only appear once.
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My Bye Weeks
NFL Teams On Bye In Week 1
No NFL Teams On Bye
My Players On Bye In Week 1
No Players On My Roster On Bye
Top QB
Top QB
Top 15 QB
1.Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB507.74
2.Ryan, Matt ATL QB401.64
3.Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB400.08
4.Luck, Andrew IND QB382.82
5.Brees, Drew NOS QB374.98
6.Watson, Deshaun HOU QB369.74
7.Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB366.54
8.Wilson, Russell SEA QB361.54
9.Goff, Jared LAR QB352.36
10.Rivers, Philip LAC QB340.98
11.Cousins, Kirk MIN QB340.14
12.Newton, Cam CAR QB331.60
13.Brady, Tom NEP QB312.30
14.Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QB304.90
15.Prescott, Dak DAL QB295.42
All Top Performer QB
Top RB's
Top 15 RB
1.McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB389.50
2.Gurley, Todd LAR RB379.10
3.Barkley, Saquon NYG RB367.60
4.Kamara, Alvin NOS RB357.20
5.Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB337.10
6.Conner, James PIT RB274.60
7.Gordon, Melvin LAC RB269.90
8.White, James NEP RB259.70
9.Johnson, David ARI RB237.80
10.Mixon, Joe CIN RB234.70
11.Hunt, Kareem CLE RB232.20
12.Cohen, Tarik CHI RB229.74
13.Lindsay, Phillip DEN RB225.80
14.Chubb, Nick CLE RB194.50
15.Peterson, Adrian WAS RB194.00
All Top Performer RB
Top WR's
Top 15 WR
1.Adams, Davante GBP WR334.60
2.Brown, Antonio OAK WR328.70
3.Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR314.80
4.Thomas, Michael NOS WR313.60
5.Thielen, Adam MIN WR310.60
6.Jones, Julio ATL WR308.10
7.Hill, Tyreek KCC WR304.40
8.Smith-Schuster, JuJu PIT WR291.20
9.Woods, Robert LAR WR264.10
10.Evans, Mike TBB WR263.80
11.Allen, Keenan LAC WR253.70
12.Diggs, Stefon MIN WR251.60
13.Beckham, Odell CLE WR240.34
14.Hilton, T.Y. IND WR235.90
15.Cooks, Brandin LAR WR225.00
All Top Performer WR
Top QB
Top 15 FA QB
1.Newton, Cam CAR QB331.60
2.Manning, Eli NYG QB264.72
3.Dalton, Andy CIN QB218.54
4.Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB203.84
5.Mariota, Marcus TEN QB201.92
6.Allen, Josh BUF QB184.60
7.Tannehill, Ryan TEN QB171.88
8.Flacco, Joe DEN QB164.10
9.Smith, Alex WAS QB160.00
10.Mullens, Nick SFO QB126.40
11.Beathard, C.J. SFO QB94.98
12.Driskel, Jeff CIN QB92.02
13.Osweiler, Brock FA QB80.98
14.Johnson, Josh WAS QB51.56
15.Kessler, Cody PHI QB45.66
All Top Performer FA QB
Top FA RB's
Top 15 FA RB
1.Crowell, Isaiah OAK RB142.70
2.Smallwood, Wendell PHI RB106.70
3.Gore, Frank BUF RB103.60
4.Allen, Javorius NOS RB94.60
5.Rodgers, Jacquizz TBB RB83.50
6.Clement, Corey PHI RB81.10
7.Booker, Devontae DEN RB80.40
8.Lynch, Marshawn FA RB80.00
9.Ivory, Chris FA RB67.90
10.Juszczyk, Kyle SFO RB67.00
11.Powell, Bilal NYJ RB61.30
12.Jackson, Justin LAC RB60.10
13.Edmonds, Chase ARI RB59.30
14.Wilkins, Jordan IND RB58.80
15.Bibbs, Kapri FA RB57.30
All Top Performer FA RB
Top FA WR's
Top 15 FA WR
1.Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR203.22
2.Agholor, Nelson PHI WR145.40
3.Snead, Willie BAL WR130.90
4.Kirk, Christian ARI WR123.50
5.Miller, Anthony CHI WR120.52
6.Jones, Marvin DET WR116.80
7.Rogers, Chester IND WR110.90
8.Valdes-Scantling, Marquez GBP WR105.70
9.Wilson, Albert MIA WR99.78
10.Roberts, Seth BAL WR99.20
11.Bourne, Kendrick SFO WR97.80
12.Wright, Jarius CAR WR94.60
13.Conley, Chris JAC WR93.40
14.Patterson, Cordarrelle CHI WR91.50
15.Taylor, Taywan TEN WR86.80
All Top Performer FA WR
10 Newest Transactions
# Franchise TypeTransactionDate
1Chalupa BatmanAdd/Drop Tue Jun 18 7:42:34 a.m. ET 2019
2Da Sickness / Chalupa BatmanTrade Mon Jun 17 5:11:32 p.m. ET 2019
3Chalupa Batman / Ground N PoundTrade Mon May 20 10:19:50 p.m. ET 2019
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Trade Bait
FranchiseWill Give UpIn Exchange ForDate Entered
Da SicknessTue Jun 18 9:29:18 a.m. ET 2019
Chalupa Batman
  • Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.01
  • Year 2019 Draft Pick 4.01

Looking to trade 1.01 or 4.01 for two keepers plus a 1st or 4th. Going to take best offer next week.

Fri Apr 5 5:52:05 a.m. ET 2019
Space Mountain
  • Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.01
Anyone got a rookie they are in love with and want to make sure you get them...Tue Jun 4 2:12:04 p.m. ET 2019
En FuegoRB or WR of similar valueThu Jun 6 7:05:03 p.m. ET 2019
Clay PigeonsMoving up in draftTue May 7 3:50:22 p.m. ET 2019
Return of the SchnozzolaSun Jun 9 9:28:38 p.m. ET 2019
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Fantasy Recap - Game Of The Week
No Week 1 Recaps Are Available
Weekly Results
Select A Franchise:
The chart will appear within this DIV. This text will be replaced by the chart. If it does not, it most likely means that you have this Weekly Results Chart twice on your league home page, when it can only appear once.
Weekly Summary
Franchise/Week 1 PF
Da Sickness0.00 0.00
Pantone 2940.00 0.00
Chalupa Batman0.00 0.00
Ground N Pound0.00 0.00
Space Mountain0.00 0.00
Freud's Freaks0.00 0.00
En Fuego0.00 0.00
Rubber Factory0.00 0.00
Clay Pigeons0.00 0.00
Georgia Kudzu0.00 0.00
Return of the Schnozzola0.00 0.00
Air Bandits0.00 0.00
Power Rankings
  All-Play Record
Franchise PF PP Eff Bench Points Max PF Min PF Coulda Won Woulda Lost Power Rank Alternate Power Rank W L T Pct
Da Sickness00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Air Bandits00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Freud's Freaks00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Clay Pigeons00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Return of the Schnozzola00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Georgia Kudzu00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Space Mountain00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Ground N Pound00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Rubber Factory00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Chalupa Batman00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Pantone 29400.0%0.00000.000000.000
En Fuego00.0%0.00000.000000.000
The Following Teams Have Invalid Lineups
Week 1 MVP Players
All Week 1 Top Performers
Week 1 MVP Starters
All Week 1 Top Starters
Playoff Bracket
2019 UFFL IV Playoffs
Week 15 Week 16 UFFL IV Champion
#3 Seed  
  Winner of Game #2  
#2 Seed    
  UFFL IV Champion
#4 Seed    
  Winner of Game #1  
#1 Seed   
Playoff Bracket
3rd Place Game
Week 16 3rd Place
Loser of Game #2 From 2019 UFFL IV Playoffs Bracket  
  3rd Place
Loser of Game #1 From 2019 UFFL IV Playoffs Bracket  
Playoff Bracket
Toilet Bowl
Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Toilet Bowl Winner
#5 Seed  
  Winner of Game #2  
#4 Seed    
  Winner of Game #3  
#1 Seed    
  Toilet Bowl Winner
#6 Seed    
  Winner of Game #1    
#3 Seed      
  Winner of Game #4  
#2 Seed   
League Champions
2.Da Sickness
1.En Fuego
2.Da Sickness
1.Ground N Pound
2.Purple Reign
1.Honey Badgers
2.Minneapolis MacMaulers
1.Minneapolis McMaulers
2.Dark Side
1.En Fuego
1.Honey Badgers
2.Hotty Toddy
1.En Fuego
2.Evil Pandas
1.Chase's All Stars
2.Floating Fecal Logs
1.Chase's All Stars
2.Air Bandits
1.En Fuego
2.Flint Tropics
1.Chase's All Stars
2.Ill Tempered Sea Bass
1.Long Shot
2.Floating Fecal Logs
1.L.I. Executioners
2.En Fuego
1.Long Shot
2.The Gamblers
1.Ill Tempered Sea Bass
2.Canton Collection
1.Franklin Bulldogs
2.L.I. Executioners
1.En Fuego
2.Big Dawgs
1.Big Dawgs
2.En Fuego
1.Big Dawgs
2.En Fuego

Dedicated to skill, foresight, finesse
and . . .

2019 ???
Dave Torreano 2018
Dave Torreano 2017
Brian Fuller 2016
Brian Prescott 2015
Charlie McConnell 2014
Dave Torreano 2013
Albert Leach 2012
Dave Torreano 2011
Dave Obstgarten 2010
Dave Obstgarten 2009
Dave Torreano 2008
Dave Obstgarten 2007
Larry Stier 2006
Mike Obstgarten 2005
Larry Stier 2004
Ken Daube 2003
Chris Reed 2002
Dave Torreano 2001
Joe Reither 2000
Joe Reither 1999
League Champions

UFFL IV Champions




En Fuego


Ground N Pound


Honey Badgers


Minneapolis McMaulers


En Fuego


Honey Badgers


En Fuego


Chase's All Stars


Chase's All Stars


En Fuego


Chase's All Stars


Long Shot


L.I. Executioners


Long Shot


Ill Tempered Sea Bass


Franklin Bulldogs


En Fuego


Big Dawgs


Big Dawgs

Season Records
1. Da Sickness 2018 8702384.1 1838.08
2. En Fuego 2015 10702332.22 2345.58
3. Floating Fecal Logs 2012 12302315.74 1872.38
4. En Fuego 2013 13202305.64 1802.2
5. En Fuego 2016 10502304.56 1782.02
6. En Fuego 2018 13202297.74 1890.34
7. Minneapolis McMaulers 2014 11402273.48 1770.38
8. Evil Pandas 2011 12302234.96 1753.94
9. Dark Side 2014 11402214.16 1705.34
10. Papou 2013 9602193.24 1815.56
All Season Records
Career Records
Matchup Records
Record Streaks
#FranchiseYearStart WeekStreak LengthStreak Type
1.Air Bandits201318Winning
2.Da Sickness201677Winning
3.Da Sickness201777Winning
4.Long Shot200816Winning
5.En Fuego200876Winning
6.En Fuego201086Winning
7.Evil Pandas201196Winning
8.Dark Side201416Winning
9.Ground N Pound201486Winning
10.Honey Badgers201436Winning
All Record Streaks
Record Streaks
#FranchiseYearStart WeekStreak LengthStreak Type
1.Ground N Pound201318Losing
2.Georgia Kudzu201638Losing
3.JUNKYARD DOGS201728Losing
4.Pregnant Dawgs201818Losing
5.Reckless Endangerment201027Losing
6.Franklin Bulldogs201187Losing
7.Moonlight Gambler201457Losing
8.Pissing Excellence200816Losing
9.Big Dawgs200886Losing
10.Franklin Bulldogs200986Losing
All Record Streaks
Player Records
1.1.Manning, Peyton DEN QB20131Honey Badgers - S61.28
2.3.Charles, Jamaal KCC RB201315En Fuego - S60.50
3.4.Brees, Drew NOS QB20158Reckless Endangerment - S59.30
4.8.Johnson, Chris TEN RB20092Chase's All Stars - S56.40
5.9.Martin, Doug TBB RB20129Medicine Hat Maulers - S56.20
6.10.Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB20114Air Bandits - S55.92
7.11.Newton, Cam CAR QB201515Dark Side - S54.60
8.12.Marshall, Brandon DEN WR200914BANG BUS - S54.00
9.13.Johnson, Calvin DET WR20138Papou - S52.90
10.14.Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB201614Da Sickness - S52.80
All Player Records
Player Records
1.2.Foles, Nick PHI QB20139Hotty Toddy - NS60.64
2.5.Vick, Michael PHI QB201010Franklin Bulldogs - NS58.32
3.6.Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB20148Air Bandits - NS57.78
4.23.Best, Jahvid DET RB20102Floating Fecal Logs - NS51.20
5.28.Harrison, Jerome CLE RB200915Pissing Excellence - NS50.80
6.30.Decker, Eric DEN WR201313Reckless Endangerment - NS50.40
7.32.Goff, Jared LAR QB20184Pregnant Dawgs - NS50.30
8.34.Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB20149Air Bandits - NS49.70
9.39.Jones, Julio ATL WR20164Ground N Pound - NS49.00
10.40.Henry, Derrick TEN RB201814Rollin Wit Mahomes - NS48.80
All Player Records

Ultimate Fantasy Football League IV Rules

UFFL IV League Site

UFFL IV Constitution Last Update: February 18, 2019
Table Of Contents
Chapter Title
1 Overview
2 Draft
2A Draft Order
2B Rookie Player Draft
3 Rosters
4 Schedule & Divisions
5 Wins and Losses
6 Scoring
7 Starting Lineups
8 Transactions
8A Free Agency
8B Trades
8C Injured Reserve
9 Playoffs
10 Tiebreakers
11 Keeper Rules
12 Replacement Owners
12A Dispersal Draft
13 Rule Changes
14 Governance
15 Expected Owner Conduct
16 Entry Fee
17 Prize Money

Note: Rules in blue are effective for the 2019 season.

1. Overview:

UFFL IV is entering it's 21st year as a keeper league. The league consists of 12 teams in three divisions. The regular season is 13 weeks of head-to-head competition with the playoffs starting in week 14.

2. 2019 UFFL IV Draft:

The draft is a slow "e-mail style" draft through the league site taking about 8-9 days to complete. The draft starts on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 12:00 PM ET. The draft timer is 12 hours for the first 6 rounds (4-9), 8 hours for the next 6 rounds (10-15), and 6 hours for the final 6 rounds (16-21). The draft timer will be suspended 12 AM - 6 AM daily (reduced 1 hour every 4 days) but picks can still be made during that time. If a selection is not made in your allotted time, the pick will be skipped, but may be made up any time thereafter by posting on the league message board. For example, if your 12 hour clock expires, you and the next owner will simultaneously be on the clock. If you have pick 6.01 and time out, you and the 6.02 owner will simultaneously be on the clock. Whoever submits the draft selection first, will have precedence. If the 6.02 owner drafts and you still have not drafted, then 6.03 and you will be on the clock together. This will continue until you have drafted. So if you draft 6.01 and the draft timer expires with picks 6.02 through 6.10 pre-drafted and the next draft pick is 6.11, you and 6.11 will be on the clock at the same time. Once an owner's draft timer expires, he will be put on "select according to ADP" for the remainder of the draft if the timer expires again. Starting in the 16th round, missed picks will be selected according to ADP.

2A. 2019 Draft Order:

The order of rounds 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 is based on the previous season's Final Regular Season Standings:

1. Team with the worst record
2. Team with the second worst record
12. Team with the best record

Any teams that tie with the same winning record from the regular season will have the tie broken by the Total Points For scored during the regular season.

The order of rounds 2, 6, 10, 14, and 18 is based on the previous season's results of the Playoffs and Toilet Bowl Tournament:

1. Toilet Bowl Champion
2. Toilet Bowl Runner-up
3. 3rd place Toilet Bowl
4. 4th place Toilet Bowl
5. 5th place Toilet Bowl
6. 6th place Toilet Bowl
7. Playoff Wildcard Loser (lower seed)
8. Playoff Wildcard Loser (higher seed)
9. Playoff Consolation Loser
10. Playoff Consolation Winner
11. League Runner Up
12. UFFL IV Champion

Note: Round 1 is the same order as the RPD. Starting in round 3, the draft will continue in a modified serpentine order based on the order outlined in 2A., i.e., round 3 is the opposite of round 2 and round 5 is the opposite of round 4.

2B. Rookie Player Draft (RPD):  

On the third Monday of every June, the league will conduct a Rookie Player Draft. Each team will choose one rookie player that their team may keep as a "free keeper" for the upcoming season. Order will be determined by reverse order of league final regular season standings from the previous year (total points scored being the tiebreaker) for this one round draft.

The Rookie Player Draft will be a slow draft with a 14 hr time period per selection. Owners are encouraged to have a full understanding of the management's systems draft functions prior to the RPD. Any owner that does not submit a draft selection in the allotted time period will have their selection skipped and forfeit their rookie player pick. The only exception to this forfeiture will be at the discretion of the league commissioner or via a league vote.

Unpaid owners will be able to participate in the Rookie Player Draft. However, for every 24 hours their entry fee is late, they will drop down one draft slot. Thus, teams that do not pay by the time the draft starts will drop down a maximum of 11 draft spots.

For keeper purposes, the player selected in the RPD will be credited as being drafted in the subsequent UFFL IV draft according to the RPD draft order at the time of the entry fee deadline. The owner with the first pick can keep his rookie player in lieu of their 9th round pick, pick 1.2 in lieu of a 10th round pick, ... , pick 1.12 in lieu of a 20th round pick. This option must be exercised by the keeper deadline, otherwise that player will be released.

Trading of rookie player draft picks is allowed. An example of an acceptable trade is Keenan Allen and the 8th pick in the RPD for Jarvis Landry and the 1st pick in the RPD or Team A trades RPD pick 1 and their 10th round pick in the upcoming draft for Team B's RPD pick 6th and their 3rd round pick in the upcoming draft. Trading of RPD picks is final and thus if an owner from either of the trading teams does not pay their fees by the allotted time, the trade will not be overturned or changed. Any new owner will have to abide by the trade and take the team as is.

You may trade your rookie player before the keeper deadline but the only player you can keep as a "free keeper" is the rookie player you drafted. You may keep the rookie player you traded for but he will count towards one of your 3-5 allowed keepers.

3. Rosters:  

A team roster consists of the following players:

  • 18-20 players in any positional combination of QB, RB, WR, TE, PK, and DT.

After the championship game, the active roster is increased from 20 active players to 23 active players. The active roster is decreased to 21 players when the free agent/rookie draft starts and to 20 players three days before the start of the NFL season.

During the season: Owners have the ability to drop players without adding. Any owner who goes below the minimum active roster size of 18 players will have their last transaction undone and their ability to drop players revoked.

Note: Player positions determined by MyFantasyLeague.com.

4. Schedule and Divisions:

Divisional placement will be determined by a dice roll during the offseason. Returning divisional winners will be placed in separate divisions the following year.

Each week you will play another team head to head according to the fantasy schedule (All teams will play each team in its own division twice during the regular season and each non-division team once except for one random team. Teams will play divisional games weeks 1, 3-4, 7, 11, and 13 with non-division games weeks 2, 5-6, 8-10, and 12.

5. Wins and Losses:

The team with the highest score wins. Your team score will be determined by adding up your players' points and your defensive team's points using the scoring system. In case of a tie, the game ends in a tie. Scores are considered official, final and unchangeable at kickoff of the first game of the following week (usually Thursday evening, but sometimes Saturday or Sunday). After scores become official they will not change for any reason.

6. Scoring:

6A. Scoring for offensive players (QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs) is calculated as follows:

  • Each passing TD = 6 points
  • Each rushing or receiving TD = 6 points
  • Every 1 yards passing = 0.04 points
  • Every 1 yards rushing = 0.1 points
  • Every 1 yards receiving = 0.1 points
  • Each pass reception = 1 point
  • Each rushing or receiving 2 point conversion = 2 points
  • Each passing 2 point conversion = 1 point
  • + 300 yds passing = bonus 1 pt
  • + 100 yds rushing = bonus 1 pt
  • + 100 yds receiving = bonus 1 pt
  • Each interception thrown = minus 2 points
  • Each fumble lost = minus 1 point

6B. Scoring for place kickers is calculated as follows:

  • Each Extra Point = 1 point
  • Length of Field Goal Made 0-39 yds = 3 points
  • Length of Field Goal Made 40-49 yds = 4 points
  • Length of Field Goal Made 50-59 yds = 5 points
  • Length of Field Goal Made 60+ yds = 6 points
  • Every 1 yards rushing = 0.1 point
  • Every 1 yards receiving = 0.1 point
  • Every 1 yards passing = 0.04 point
  • Each pass reception = 1 point
  • Each rushing or receiving TD = 6 points
  • Each passing TD = 6 points
  • Each rushing or receiving 2 point conversion = 2 points
  • Each passing 2 point conversion = 1 point
  • Each interception thrown = minus 1 point
  • Each fumble lost = minus 1 point

Note: Scoring is carried out to two decimals. For example, if a player rushes for 78 yards, he will score 7.8 points. Negative yardage is also scored. For example, if a player rushes for a negative 14 yards, he will score -1.4 points.

6C. Scoring for defensive/special teams is calculated as follows:

  • Each quarterback sack = 1 point
  • Each fumble recovery = 2 points
  • Each safety = 2 points
  • Each interception = 2 points
  • Each fumble or interception returned for TD = 6 points
  • Each Interception Return TD = 6 points
  • Each Fumble Recovery TD = 6 points
  • Each Blocked Punt TD = 6 points
  • Each Blocked FG TD = 6 points
  • Each Punt Return TD = 6 points
  • Each Kickoff Return TD = 6 points
  • Each Missed FG Return TD = 6 points
  • 0-3 offensive pts allowed = 7 pts
  • 4-6 offensive pts allowed = 5 pts
  • 7-10 offensive pts allowed = 3.5 pts
  • 11-13 offensive pts allowed = 2 pts
  • 14-15 offensive pts allowed = 1 pt
  • 16 offensive pts allowed = 0.5 pts
  • 0-174 total net yards allowed = 7 pts
  • 175-199 total net yards allowed = 5 pts
  • 200-233 total net yards allowed = 3.5 pts
  • 234-254 total net yards allowed = 2 pts
  • 255-275 total net yards allowed = 1 pt
  • 276-296 total net yards allowed = 0.5 pts

Note: Offensive Points Allowed is the points scored against a team on Offense, which only includes points scored via Passing and Rushing TDs as well as Field Goals. It also includes any conversion points scored after the TDs (extra point or a 2 Pt Conversion).

7. Starting Lineups:

Lineups will consist of 8 players.

7 Offensive players and 1 Defensive team:

1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB, WR, TE), 1 FLEX (RB or WR), 1 PK, and 1 Def.

Each owner must make every effort to submit a complete starting lineup each week of active players. Owners must ensure they make the necessary transactions during the week to ensure that their lineups meet these requirements. This rule is in place to allow the Commissioner to act if it appears that an owner is not participating actively in the league or attempting to throw games "on the sly" which are both situations that would place an owner in jeopardy of possible expulsion from the league. The Commissioner will thoroughly review the situation if an owner submits a lineup two weeks in a row with a player(s) on bye. The Commissioner will use his discretion concerning addressing the owner/situation.

Owners need to submit valid starting lineups each week and beware of submitting bogus lineups in order to try to throw games which will also put owners in jeopardy of possible expulsion.

All lineups are submitted on the league web site. Players must be submitted as part of your line-up before kickoff of that respective player's game. If an owner cannot access the site, he can submit his lineup or lineup change(s) via e-mail prior to the deadline. The e-mail must be received by the Commish and his opponent prior to the deadline. The Commish will input the lineup or change as soon as possible.

Be aware of the special NFL weeks where games begin earlier than usual, i.e., Thanksgiving Day. Players you want included in your lineup must be submitted by the start of their respective game time but other players to complete your starting lineup can be included later as that NFL week progresses as long as you have inputted a valid and complete starting lineup before the last game of the NFL week is played.

8. Transactions:

Transactions consist of Free Agent Signings and Trades. They are instrumental to the success of your team. It is very important that you remain active and up to date on all information regarding your players.

Note: Only owners who have paid their entry fee are allowed to make transactions.

8A. Free Agency:

Free agency signings will be conducted every week concluding December 20. Any player not currently on an UFFL IV roster, but either already signed to an NFL contract or eligible to be signed to an NFL contract may be picked up during the UFFL IV Free Agency process. Once that player is dropped, there is a waiting period of one week before he can picked be picked up by another team, including yours.

Preseason Free Agency:

Free agency will begin two weeks prior to the start of the NFL season. Owners can make a maximum of four free agent transactions during the preseason, two each week. Preseason free agency will be conducted Mon-Thu. If you discover there is a player that wasn't drafted and you want him on your team, you can pick up that player by dropping an existing player from your roster. The order for the first week of preseason free agency is reverse order of the original rookie player draft order. The order for the second week is reverse order of the first full round of the FA draft (usually round 6). Teams that picked up a player in the first preseason FA period will move to the bottom of the second preseason FA order. Preseason free agency moves will be processed at 12:00 PM ET on Thursdays.

Season Free Agency:

Season Free Agency: Waiver requests can be submitted at the site between Monday (8:00 PM ET) and Thursday (12:00 PM ET)*.

*Week 12 waivers run two hours prior to the normal time due to the NFL games on Thanksgiving.

Week 16 waivers will be processed on Wednesday at 10:00 PM ET.

There are two rounds for the waiver period. The criteria for waivers is by record first and total points scored second in case two teams have the same record. The order for the second round of free agency is opposite of the first round of free agency.

A first come first serve (FCFS) free agency period will run weeks 2-16, starting one hour after waivers are processed and ending Sundays at 1:00 PM ET.

FCFS free agency ends on December 20.

Number of Waivers: Owners can add/drop a maximum of four players per week via waivers/FCFS free agency.

Free agents acquired between weeks 14-16 cannot be kept the following season. (Denoted by X)

Any player whose game has already started or been played cannot be claimed during that week of free agency.

8B. Trades:

Once a trade is proposed and accepted, the Commish will process the trade. The Commish also reserves the right to immediately veto any trade deemed lopsided and against the competitiveness of the league.

Owners may challenge a trade by e-mailing the Commish within 48 hours of the trade being announced. If two or more owners challenge a trade, the Commmish will forward the trade to the league owners for a decision. Owners involved in the trade will not vote. Majority rule is in effect. The Commish will post the decision on the message board once six votes to let the trade stand or to overturn the trade have been received. In case of a 5-5 vote, the trade will stand.

The fairness of all trades will be judged solely on the impact of the trade for the franchises directly involved. A trade should be deemed fair, in the view of the judging person(s), when both franchises, within reasonable judgement, have maintained or improved their respective franchise's competitive status for EITHER the current season OR the following season.

The trade deadline is kickoff of the first Week 12 game. In addition, any teams that are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs will not be allowed to trade during the season. Trading during the offseason is allowed but any trades made by an owner who misses the entry fee deadline and is removed may be reversed by the replacement owner within seven days of taking the team. Any other trades affected by this trade will also be reversed.

Regular season only --> Trades must be approved by both owners before 10 PM EST on Friday to be official for that week. Trades made over the weekend will not be processed until after the MNF game.

Once a player is traded, that team owner cannot reacquire that player via trade until six regular season NFL weeks have passed. The only way a team can reacquire a player before the six regular season weeks have passed is through the draft in August. Example: En Fuego trades away Todd Gurley during week 2 of the season. En Fuego cannot reacquire Gurley via trade any earlier than week 9 as only then will have six full weeks passed (Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8) since Gurley was traded from their roster. Also, player(s) who are traded before the keeper deadline cannot be traded back to the same team after the keeper deadline to bypass the "three year keeper rule".

8C. Injured Reserve (IR):

Owners can place one player (two players after week 6) on Injured Reserve (IR) between the end of the draft and the end of the NFL regular season. Only players designated by MFL as being on IR may be placed on IR. There may be a day or 2 lag between when the time the NFL team actually puts the player on IR and when MFL reflects this on the league page. Until MFL indicates they are on IR, they will not be able to be placed on IR on your roster. The Commish will activate any players still on IR when the league site is upgraded the following season.

9. Playoffs:

The playoffs occur weeks 14-16. Six teams (3 division winners and 3 wild card teams) qualify for the playoffs.

9A. Playoff Seeding:

After division winners are determined, seeding for playoff teams will be as follows:

Week 14 seeding:

#1 seed is division winner with best record
#2 seed is division winner with 2nd best record
#3 seed is division winner with 3rd best record
#4 seed is wildcard team with the best record
#5 seed is wildcard team with the 2nd best record
#6 seed is wildcard team with the 3rd best record.

The tiebreaker in case of identical records is total points scored.

Note: The Regular Season Champion is not necessarily the #1 seed.

9B. Playoff Schedule:

Scenario 1: If two of the wildcard teams have more points scored than the #3 seed then the playoff schedule will be as follows:

Week 14 matchups:

#3 seed vs #6 seed and #4 seed vs #5 seed.

The #3 seed will receive an additional 8 points and the #4 seed will receive an additional 4 points.*

After the wildcard games, the teams will be reseeded according to record first and then total points scored.

Week 15 matchups:

#1 seed vs #4 seed and #2 seed vs #3 seed.

The #1 seed will receive an additional 6 points and the #2 seed will receive an additional 4 points.*

Scenario 2: If the #3 seed has more points scored than at least two of the wildcard teams then the playoff will be as follows:

Week 14 matchups:

#4 seed vs #5 seed vs #6 seed.

The #4 seed will receive an additional 10 points and the #5 seed will receive an additional 5 points.**

The team that scores the most points is the wildcard winner and advances to the Semifinals.

Week 15 matchups:

#1 seed vs winner of the wildcard game and the #2 seed vs #3 seed.

The #1 seed will receive an additional 6 points and the #2 seed will receive an additional 4 points.*

Week 16 matchups:

The Championship Game will be played during week 16. The Consolation Game will be played during week 16. There is no home field advantage for the Championship Game and the Consolation Game during week 16.

Note: *If a lower seeded team has more points scored than the higher seeded team, the homefield advantage is half the points listed. **If the #6 seeded team has more points scored than the higher seeded teams, the homefield advantage is half the points listed.

9C. Toilet Bowl:

The six teams not qualifying for the UFFL IV Playoffs will be entered into the UFFL IV Toilet Bowl Tournament. Seeding for this tournament will be based on best regular season record and will use the same tie-breaking procedure used to determine UFFL IV Playoff seeding. The team with the best record will be awarded the top seed. The next best, the second seed and so on, through the six seeds. The Toilet Bowl Tournament will start during week 14 and conducted as follow:

Week 14:
Quarterfinal 1 - Seed #3 vs. Seed #6
Quarterfinal 2 - Seed #4 vs. Seed #5

Week 15:
Semifinal 1 - Seed #1 vs. lowest seed remaining that won in week 14.
Semifinal 2 - Seed #2 vs. highest seed remaining that won in week 14.

Week 16:
Loser Quarterfinal 1 vs. Loser Quarterfinal 2 (Winner - 5th place; Loser - 6th place)
Loser Semifinal 1 vs. Loser Semifinal 2 (Winner - 3rd place; Loser - 4th place)
Winner Semifinal 1 vs. Winner Semifinal 2 (Winner - 1st place; Loser - 2nd place)

9D. The Ultimate Championship:

The top 12 teams in the UFFL Coaches Poll will play in the Ultimate Championship during weeks 14-17. The starting lineup requirement is 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 PK, 1 DT. The scoring system is the same as the UFFL scoring system. The top four ranked teams receive a bye in week 14. #12 plays #5, #11 plays #6, etc. During week 15, the #1 ranked team plays the lowest seeded team that won in week 14, etc. The semifinal are in week 16 and the semifinal winners play in the Ultimate Championship during week 17. The winner will be declared "The Ultimate Fantasy Football League Champion" and receive prize money and bragging rights.

10. Tiebreaker Rules:

During the regular season, no tie-breaker method will be used to determine winners in the event of a tie. In the event a team ends a game in a tie, the tie game will reflect as one-half of a win and one-half of a loss. During the playoffs, in the event of a tie, the winner will be the team whose offensive starters (QB, RB, WR, WR, Flex 1, Flex 2 and TE) scored the most touchdowns (thrown + caught + run = total). In the event this does not settle the tie, the fantasy team who started the highest fantasy scoring player/DT involved in that game will win. Should a tie exist after this tie-breaker, the 2nd highest fantasy scoring player/DT will be used and so on until the tie is broken and a winner is declared. In the event that after all 10 possible tiebreakers have been used and a tie still exists, the home team will be awarded the win.

Ties involving Division Titles will be broken in the following manner:

1. Comparison of head to head records (using NFL tiebreaker rules regarding head-to-head records).
2. Best division record.
3. Total points scored.

Ties involving Regular Season Championship and Wild Card Teams will be broken in the following manner:

1. Comparison of head to head records (using NFL tiebreaker rules regarding head-to-head records).
2. Total points scored.
3. Best division record.

Note: The Regular Season Champion must be a division winner.

Ties involving COC Teams will be broken in the following manner:

1. Total points scored.

11. Keeper Rules:

Owners will keep at least three players and a maximum of five players from their previous year's roster. The mandatory three keepers will be placed in the 2nd, 3rd, and 8th rounds of the draft. Each player kept beyond the mandatory three will cost an owner a draft pick (4th and/or 5th round). If an owner keeps four players he will forfeit a 4th round draft pick. If an owner keeps all five players, he will forfeit a 4th round and a 5th round draft pick. If all 12 owners kept five players each, the first pick of the draft would be pick 6.01.

2nd, 3rd, and 8th round picks cannot be traded.

If an owner trades his original 4th round pick, he cannot keep more than three players. If an owner trades his original 5th round pick, he cannot keep more than four players. If an owner trades the draft pick where his rookie player is slotted to be placed "in lieu of", he cannot keep his drafted rookie player.

The deadline for announcing your keeper players is Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 11:00 PM ET. Until that date, you are free to trade any of the 21 players that were on your roster last year for another team's players. After August 8, the other remaining players on your roster will be considered released and you will no longer be able to trade them. You may, however, still trade any of your keeper players. The keepers will be posted NLT Friday morning, August 9, 2019. If an owner misses the keeper deadline, their top four "eligible" scoring players (QB, RB, WR, TE positions only) will be automatically kept, provided they are in the top 100 of the MFL ADP at the deadline. The top players report (thru week 16) will be used to determine these players. Not more than two players at any position will be kept and the player must be on an NFL roster at the time of the deadline.

The longest period of time an NFL player may be withheld from the UFFL IV draft is five consecutive times. Additionally, no one team can withhold any one player more than three times.

On the rosters page, the Year indicates when the player can no longer be kept and must go back into the draft. For example, the Year for Mike Evans is 2020 which means he can be can be kept in 2019, going back into the 2020 draft at the latest. Contract indicates the number of years the player has been kept by his current team. For example, Mike Evan's Contract is "2 years" meaning he has been kept by his current team for two years and can only be kept for one more year before he must either be traded or released into the FA pool for the draft.

Owners can only keep a maximum of three players per position, i.e., three RBs, three WRs, etc. The only exception to this rule is your "free" rookie draft player.

Owners wishing to keep the player they selected during the Rookie Player Draft will do so in lieu of their draft pick as explained in Section 2B. Owners must announce their decision regarding their Rookie Player Draft selection at the same time keepers are submitted, otherwise the player selected in the Rookie Player Draft will be released.

12. Replacement Owners:

If an owner chooses to leave or is removed from the league (for whatever reason), a replacement owner will be found as soon as possible. The league opening will be announced to the league and owners will have two weeks (one week after the confirmation deadline) to suggest a replacement owner via e-mail to the Commish. If after two weeks, a replacement owner has not been found, the Commish will post the league opening(s) on various fantasy football message boards.

New owners will be immediately responsible for any fees not paid by the previous owner. If there are outstanding fees due, the potential replacement owner will not be an official league member until those fees are paid (this includes upcoming season dues). The Commish may at his discretion, reduce the fees for the new owner depending on the quality of the team, but this will be done only if a suitable replacement owner willing to pay the full fees due cannot be found.

New owners cannot perform any roster transactions (trades, waivers, etc.) until all dues have been paid. The Commissioner will notify the league once the new owner(s) is in good standing and is free to conduct normal business.

12A. Dispersal Draft:

Should the league have three or more openings, replacement owners will conduct a dispersal draft as to avoid the pitfalls of strong/weak team vacancies and to allow our new team owners a sense of freedom and strategy as they set out in the league.

Each replacement owner will be awarded one of the vacant teams at random, with roster management capabilities turned off.

Once all openings have been filled and entry fees received, the dispersal draft will be scheduled. All replacement teams' players and rookie draft picks will be released to the free agent player pool.

The draft order will be determined via dice roll. The draft order will be serpentine/snake format with the number of rounds coinciding with current roster settings and a timer of 12 hours.

The draft will be conducted on the league message board for all owners to witness.

The draft ends when all picks/players are drafted or when all owners agree to end the draft.

One current owner may participate in the dispersal draft but owners who have made a trade between the time the site was upgraded to the dispersal draft date are ineligible. Also, if an owner makes a trade and leaves the league for any reason, their roster is ineligible for the dispersal draft.

13. Rule Changes:

In order to change the rules, owners will e-mail rule change proposals to the Commish during the offseason which will be voted upon by the league owners the last week of May. Proposal(s) will be forwarded to the league and each owner will have one week to vote. Note: "abstaining votes" do not count as either a "yes" or "no" vote. Proposals will require a minimum of 5 affirmative votes to pass, but also must reflect at least a 50% + 1 margin of those casting votes to pass. This proposal means that there is no specific quorum, but a vote with only 5 people voting can only pass if the vote is 5-0.

Number of people voting -- outcomes:

1 - proposal is defeated
2 - proposal is defeated
3 - proposal is defeated
4 - proposal is defeated
5 - proposal is adopted if the vote is 5-0
6 - proposal is adopted if the vote is 6-0 or 5-1
7 - proposal is adopted if the vote is 7-0, 6-1 or 5-2
8 - proposal is adopted if the vote is 8-0, 7-1, 6-2 or 5-3
9 - proposal is adopted if the vote is 9-0, 8-1, 7-2 or 6-3
10 - proposal is adopted if the vote is 10-0, 9-1, 8-2, 7-3, or 6-4
11 - proposal is adopted if the vote is 11-0, 10-1, 9-2, 8-3, 7-4, 6-5
12 - proposal is adopted if the vote is 12-0, 11-1, 10-2, 9-3, 8-4, 7-5

Penalties for failing to vote on rule proposals:

1st offense: Forfeiture of free agency privileges. The number of weeks = the number of missed proposals (not to exceed 4 weeks).
2nd consecutive offense: Forfeiture of free agency privileges. The number of weeks = the number of missed proposals X 2 (not to exceed 8 weeks).
3rd consecutive offense: Removal from the league. If the owner has paid his entry fee, he can request a refund. Franchise fees will not be refunded.

Rule proposals/changes can only be made during the offseason. Proposals cannot be submitted on a rule for at least two years after a previous proposal has been voted on the same rule. During the season, the Commish will handle any rules interpretation matters.

Note: The Commissioner does not have the authority to change league rules during the season, with the exceptions of 1) making changes to address typographical errors on the league web site, 2) software programming issues or 3) setting league draft dates. Any proposals submitted by the Commissioner are subject to the same voting criteria as those submitted by any other owner.

13A.Rule Re-Evaluation:

From time to time, a situation may arise in which the rules, as written, may lend themselves to harming the position of a team in a way for which they were not meant to do when written. If such a situation arises, the league Commissioner has the right to re-evaluate the league rules to determine whether the situation at hand is such that the intent of the rules when they were written can not be upheld because the literal interpretation would lend itself to the contrary. If so, the Commissioner can forego the rules, as written, in favor of the rule's intent.
If the commissioner comes to such a decision, he must inform the other league owners by email; explaining the situation, the decision to forego the rule in question, and the reasoning for making such a decision. League owners who believe that the situation in question does not warrant a reevaluation of the league rules must inform the commissioner within 24 hours. If six (6) league owners independently send a message to the Commissioner stating that they do not believe the rule should be forgone, the Commissioner's decision will be overruled. If not, the Commissioner's decision will be final.

13B.Rulebook Gaps:

In the event that a situation should arise in which no effective solution can be found due to amibiguities in the league rules, the league Commissioner has the right to use his own discretion to resolve the issue. That decision must then be followed consistently for any situation of significant similarity for the remainder of the season.

14. Governance:

14A. Commissioners' Duties:

The Commissioner is responsible for the league setup, updating the league site, recruiting and filling any league openings, entering keepers, running the draft, approving/processing trades and submitting MFL support tickets for any league wide issues.

14B. Assistant Commissioners' Duties: The Assistant Commissioner (AC) will be selected by the Commissioner and remain in that role until he/she relinquishes the position or is no longer an owner in the league. The responsibilities of the AC include assuming the duties of the Commissioner if need be, sending reminders to owners prior to the start of a draft, entry fee deadline, and keeper deadline, making recommendations on improving the league to include rule changes that do not require a vote, giving advice to the Commissioner if league issues arise and handling league disputes that directly involve the Commissioner or his team.

The UFFL IV AC for the 2018+ season is MacKenzie Hehn.

14C. League Disputes:

Any disputes will be sent directly to the Commissioner who will then either make a decision which will be final or forward said complaint to the league for a democratic vote. The overall good of the league as a whole will be greater then the benefit to any sum of its constituents.

15. Expected Owner Conduct:  

Owners will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disparage the league, Commisssioner, league officers, nor its owners in any way, shape, or form.

1. While bragging is always a part of some owner's personality and is to be expected, insults, personal attacks, and inflammatory or taunting acts will not be tolerated. The Commissioner will have total authority in drawing the line between trash talking and the above mentioned acts. This will be strictly enforced.

2. Any correspondence attacking the Commissioner to other owners or to public message boards violates the Owner Code of Conduct.

3. Removing an Owner. If an owner is considered by the Commissioner to be conducting himself in a manner not in the Best Interest of the League or DETRIMENTAL to the league, the owner may be removed. If an owner feels it is necessay to attack the league or any of its' owners in any form, then it is in their best interest to find a different league. A refund of the entry fee will be determined by the league and any refund will affect the prize money.

4. Whining: NO WHINING, BICKERING, CRYING, BELLY ACHING, ETC, ALLOWED! The Commish will be the sole determinor of any owner guilty of violating the "Whining Clause". Punishment ranges from forfeiture of future auction money to forfeiture of free agency privileges. The Commish reserves the right to issue one warning. My advice is to do a whine check before clicking send in e-mails and IMs. The league was created to have fun. Let's keep it that way.

16. Entry Fee:

Since UFFL IV is a keeper league, I expect owners to remain with the league for many years. To deter owners from leaving after one year, each owner will pay an initial franchise fee of $15. Franchise fees are not refundable if an owner leaves the league after their first year. If an owner decides to leave the league after their 3rd year, he will be refunded the $15. New owners will pay the franchise fee their first year. Any forfeited fees will go towards the cost of maintaining the league and/or an increase in prize money.

The entry fee for the 2019 season is $60.00. The initial entry fee deadline is June 6, 2019. Replacement owners will be sought for teams still unpaid by the final entry fee deadline (June 10, 2019).

The total entry fee for new owners is $75.00 and due within two weeks of joining the league.

Mail checks to:

David Torreano
30 Market Point Dr. Apt 2109
Greenville, SC 29607


PayPal $60 or $62.17 (covers fees, if applicable) to Torreano@aol.com or Venmo $60 to David-Torreano

17. Prize Money:

Prize payouts are made during the week following the conclusion of the NFL regular season (Week 17).

Total prize money: 12 teams x $60/team = $720 – MFL cost & 1/2 entry fee = $610 

$200 League Champion
$100 League Runner-up
$60 Third Place
$30 Fourth Place
$60 Regular Season Champion
$45 Total Points Champion
$40 Division Winners

Total Payout = $610 (95% payout)

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