Rules for QB, RB, WR, TE, PK
Event Range (Low-High) Points Test?
Number of Passing TDs1-106 points each Test
Passing Yards-99-9990.04 points each Test
Passing Yards300-9991 Test
Pass Interceptions Thrown1-10-2 points each Test
Passing 2 Pointers1-101 point each Test
Number of Rushing TDs1-106 points each Test
Rushing Yards-99-9990.1 points each Test
Rushing Yards100-9991 Test
Rushing 2 Pointers1-102 points each Test
Number of Receiving TDs1-106 points each Test
Receiving Yards-99-9990.1 points each Test
Receiving Yards100-9991 Test
Receptions1-991 point each Test
Receiving 2 Pointers1-102 points each Test
Length of Field Goal Made0-393 Test
Length of Field Goal Made40-443.5 Test
Length of Field Goal Made45-494 Test
Length of Field Goal Made50-544.5 Test
Length of Field Goal Made55-595 Test
Length of Field Goal Made60-996 Test
Extra Points1-201 point each Test
Fumbles Lost (to Opponent)0-10-1 point each Test
Rules for Def
Event Range (Low-High) Points Test?
Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent)1-992 points each Test
Interceptions Caught1-992 points each Test
Sacked a QB1-991 point each Test (Warning!)
Safeties1-102 points each Test
Total Points Allowed0-37 Test (Warning!)
Total Points Allowed4-65 Test
Total Points Allowed7-103.5 Test
Total Points Allowed11-132 Test
Total Points Allowed14-151 Test
Total Points Allowed16-160.5 Test
Total Net Yards Allowed0-1747 Test (Warning!)
Total Net Yards Allowed175-1995 Test
Total Net Yards Allowed200-2333.5 Test
Total Net Yards Allowed234-2542 Test
Total Net Yards Allowed255-2751 Test
Total Net Yards Allowed276-2960.5 Test
Number of Defensive & Special Teams TDs0-106 points each Test
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